The Chairman

Since August 8, 1997, KECE Group has proud itself into making contribution to Indonesia logistics system. The Foundation of business practice that KECE Group has laid among its branch companies and sister companies has benefited our customer, the public, our agents worldwide, as well as the company as a whole.

Even now with its current excellent achievement contributed by its staffs that has reached 300 person. KECE Group was still hiring more and more young, energetic, and professional staffs and trained them so that they can further benefit and contributed KECE Group's achievement.

KECE Group's current standing of business success are also contributed by its vision, mission, experience, Indonesia' supportive business climate, and the support of our domestic as well as our international business partners. I sincerely appreciate all of your cooperation, dedication and support to KECE Group's effort.

The Management of KECE Group will always try to commit itself in providing our customers with the best and most efficient total logistic services to fulfill their needs to transport goods from regions of Nusantara to every corner of the world or otherwise.

The Director

To provide customer with first class quality services in all aspects of inbound/outbound International Freight Forwarding and Indonesia custom brokerage service in air, ocean, inland trucking or railroad.

Assurance to deliver confidence and local support for the customers that is beyond their expectations in the areas of logistics, knowledge of International requirements as well as Indonesia Export and Import regulations.

Our staff members are local experts, energetic, and have been trained systematically to cater all kind of challenge. They are able to advise the most efficient solution for a particular problem. They build a personal relation with the customers to give them a peace of mind that their goods are in safe hands.

Have you ever wonder then, that ... KECE Group has grown to become the Indonesia's most respected companies in the forwarding field, today?