Company Background

Indonesia is an archipelago in South East Asia consisting of more than thirteen thousand island. These islands straddle the equator, strategically located astride or along major sea-lanes from Indian to Pacific Ocean. To access one island from another, sea transportation is the most logical choice. To meet the continuous demands of sea freight forwarding, PT Kemasindo Cepat Nusantara was established in 1997. Headquartered in Jakarta, with branch offices in Surabaya, Semarang, Solo, Medan, Pontianak, Makasar and Banjarmasin. PT. Kemasindo offers services extending over most of Indonesia's landmass. To accommodate the need for fast intermodal transportation, a separate airfreight division was established. This sea freight and airfreight divisions became the foundation of KECE Group

As Indonesia's economy continue to prosper and grow, so too has the demand for better air freight services. KECE Group stepped up to meet this challange by setting up PT. Tiga Sekawan Sukses Ekspres in 1999, a company specifically established to cater to the air freight sector. With personalized and professional services for KECE Group's airfreight customers, PT. Tiga Sekawan Sukses Ekspres has established itself as a leader in the air freight international forwarding services.

In year 2000, PT. Kece Nusantara was established to further strengthen the domestic forwarding aspect, utilizing their experience and expertise. With full support by the main branch offices and its sub-agencies, it specializes in the distribution of cargos to every corner of Indonesia

These companies' successful track record and the market's continued demands for more varied, professional and exclusive freight services worldwide have convinced KECE Group to established three sister companies that work independently of each other. PT. Milenia Armada Ekspress, PT. King Freight Indonesia (2005) and PT. Raja Freight Ekspress (2006) have their own separate exclusive worldwide network of agents and are each capable of offering KECE Group customers a tailor made solution to their transportation requirements.

Each sister company has developed its special niche market, thus, there is no overlap as they offer their varied services to the diverse KECE Group customers. Based on their varied portfolios, KECE Group customers can now choose and decide which company can offer a service which best fits their special needs and requirements.

KECE Group will endeavor to expand its services to provide its customers with faster, reliable and professional logistics services.